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Steam cleaning can be one of the most effective ways to remove dirt particles that become lodged into the carpet and won't come out through normal vacuuming means. Besides being highly effective, professional steam cleaning in the Greater Boston Area is also preferable because it does not leave behind the detergents that are used in other cleaning methods. Detergents are designed to track dirt and detergent in the carpet will cause more dirt to be attracted to the carpet when dirt-covered shoes walk across it. Also, some carpet owners are concerned about the chemical hazards found in detergents.

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Professional carpet cleaning services use very expensive carpet cleaners that are able to extract far more dirt than do it yourself carpet cleaners. Professional equipment uses a rotating high-pressure spray and an extraction disc. Since most homeowners cannot afford this type of equipment, taking advantage of a professional carpet cleaning service will allow home owners to receive the best results at the lowest price.
Some carpet cleaning services use steam cleaners that connect to a truck through a hose. This eliminates the need for electricity when operating the steam cleaner, which is advantageous when a building does not have access to electricity.
We are aware of the most effective pre-treatments that be applied to carpets. Certain detergents are designed specifically to more effectively dissolve organic matter. Carpet owners can also ask for chemicals to be applied to the carpet that have anti-staining and anti-soiling properties.
Professional steam cleaning in Eastern Massachusetts uses a lot more water than other carpet cleaning methods. Carpets tend to take awhile to dry and professional carpet cleaning services are often familiar with the most effective ways to speed up the drying time. Homeowners often have a difficult time balancing the need for effective dirt extraction -- which requires larger volumes of water, with the need to dry the carpet quickly enough to avoid problems with mold and mildew that can arise from a damp carpet.

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After a professional steam cleaning, carpets look brand new, regardless of how often they have been walked on with shoes or muddy paws. This is the principle reason behind why professional steam cleaning services are so popular both for homes and offices. The carpet will smell completely new. And all of these benefits can be reaped without any negative impact on the environment.  We have been serving the Middlesex County area for years and our goal is to make the customers home look emaculate. You can trust the Tilton Guarantee!

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