Brookline, MA

The Tilton Company picked up my oriental rug for cleaning and returned it within a week.  Mr Tilton himself brought it.  He said that he was currently short-handed and knew that I wanted the rug soon, and that is why h came himself.  He brought the rug up to the 2nd floor on a dolly.  He asked me about positioning the rug and I told him where it needed to go.  He then laid out the rug liner and unfolded the rug on top.  It is a large rug yet he laid it out with little fuss and in less time than I have seen it done before.  Mr. Tilton is a pleasant man to work with, and  very competent.  I will recommend the company to my friends and intend to use it again myself.

Tilton Company was used by the contractor's cleaning company to clean my oriental rug.  He picked it up promptly and returned it within a week.  I do not know the cost because it was included in a bill to the contractor.  The rug had been treated harshly by the work people at my condo, and there was much dirt and plaster dust on the rug.  It came back to me sparkling clean.  Mr. Tilton brought it back himself, and laid the rug quickly and expertly.  I would certainly recommend the company to others, and intend to use it myself in the future.

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