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Do you have a carpet or rug that needs cleaning? Are you thinking about doing it yourself? Check out this testimonial from one of our customers:

As a homeowner and a mother, I've run into some interesting dilemmas when it's come to keeping my carpets clean. I've always took pride in being a do-it-yourself kind of person. I figured that maintaining and cleaning my carpet wouldn't be any different than mowing my lawn. With the internet at my finger tips, there was no dirt I couldn't conquer and no stain I couldn't remove. I knew that if I weren't able to remove the stains using my own remedies, then I could always rent a carpet cleaning machine at a local store. Between the rainy season, holiday parties, and every day life, my carpet didn't stand a chance against muddy paw prints, grass stained cleats, or green jello.

Since I have an active household, it's not unusual for me to vacuum at least twice a week. To take care of any odors, I sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and vanilla on the carpet. The spots and spills were much harder to tackle. I couldn't find a one size fits all spots and stains cleaner which meant that I had to improvise. Unfortunately in my haste to remove the stain, I inevitably used a cleaner that wasn't suitable for my carpet. Even though the stain was gone, I was left with discoloration in the stains place. After having that happen once or twice, I decided to try my hand with a portable carpet cleaning machine. It worked quite well on small spots and most stains, but overall, I was left with an overly damp carpet that took days to dry. In one last attempt to do-it-myself, I rented a carpet cleaning machine from a local store. My hope was that it would have enough power and suction to clean my carpet thoroughly. Since I had more disasters than successes, I realized that consulting a profession carpet cleaning service was the best option.

I ended up hiring Tilton to service my Natick home. I was blown away but the quality of their service, and was happy with the price. Their experience ensures that they will do a better job than me. Overall, great looking carpet requires professional carpet cleaning. Unless I make a small stain on one of my carpets, I will use Tilton Cleaning in the future!

Tilton Cleaning & Restoration also offers a variety of services including professional steam cleaning, area & Oriental rug cleaning, as well as uphosltery cleaning. We ensure that all furnishings in your home are taken care of by our professial, polite, and informative technicians.

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